The obvious solution would be to go indoors but if I can’t —

Or if I have heavy layers on — I doubt that I’ll be nursing in a blizzard!!!

What to do when baby wants food?

I wear low cut (modestly) shirts so that my boobs are easily accessible.

What kind of clothes are breast feeding appropriate in the winter months?


This weekend Beatrice and I traveled north for a wedding. I forgot my breast pump, which wasn’t a huge deal since B was by my side for all but the 6 hours I spent at the wedding. She sleeps for 6 hour stints where I don’t pump - no problem.

Apparently this WAS a problem because I’ve been dealing…


In America, sixty-five percent of all mothers breast feed their newborn babies. Of this sixty-five percent, 2/3’s of them stop after three to four months.

Breastfeeding for a year, for all newborns, would save the lives of one million babies, throughout the world, annually.

Bear in mind that…

THIS is MAGNIFICENT on so many levels!!! Especially if it deters the negative thoughts surrounding breast milk and nursing!!!


OMG! Let me be clear, I am ALL FOR breast feeding I am even ok w/ breast feeding in public as long as you make some arrangements to cover it up, and I only say cover it up b/c I know it makes a lot of ppl uncomfortable, I personally don’t care. I mean that’s why you got um, so… ANYWAY the idea of other ppl, including yourself, drinking breast milk besides the baby, now that I cannot handle. Those stories about families that all use breast milk on their cereal etc. totally mcnsast. Seriously I gagged about 4 times as I watched this during this episode of “Tia and Tamera” on the Style Channel.

: I gagged about 4 times hearing that you watch “Tia and Tamera” on the Style Channel